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Adtile MotionStack is a radically new way to design and build virtual reality, augmented reality, motion and spatial computing experiences. Everything has been designed to give a complete freedom of motion in any direction, allowing for exploration and creation of new ideas. Using MotionStack you can harness the power of movement from your users - natively or in any browser - on any mobile device. What would you build with industry-leading science and technology?

Happy customers include:

Happy customers

The most powerful motion software ever.
How Adtile Technologies work:

  • Normalization and Standardization
    All sensor data is reported in specified units across all device configurations.
  • Bias Correction
    Removes unwanted offset in the sensor data from the actual value.
  • Sensor Fusion
    Couples multiple different sensors to increase accuracy and precision.
  • Adaptive Filters
    Optimized filter parameters respond to changing signal characteristics.
  • Signal Coarsening
    Compresses motion data in real-time to only process, transfer, and store vital information.
  • Sensor Polyfill
    Fills in missing sensors by transforming available sensors.
  • Machine Learning
    Optimizes the system response to best match the expected response. (nonlinear optimization)
  • Genetic Algorithms
    Intelligently searches for globally optimal solution using randomized population evolution scheme.
  • Neural Networks
    Intelligently searches for a globally optimal solution using biologically inspired networks.
  • Minimal Dependencies
    Self contained and built of standard web technologies for immense scalability.
  • Massive Collection
    of Recorded Motion Data.
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