Motion Technology

Built on groundbreaking research out of Adtile Technologies, our technology employs sophisticated algorithms to capture and identify accurate motion interactions to dynamic visual feedback. Adtile’s Motion tools introduce a radically new way to design and build sensory software, make programming interactive and fun. Everything has been designed to give a complete freedom of motion in any direction, allowing for exploration and creation of new objects and ideas.

Introducing Air Pencil

Air Pencil is intuitively easy to use. It is a lightweight app that runs on a mobile web browser. Air Pencil taps into a smartphone’s native micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) — namely the magnetometer, accelerometer and gyroscope. It then calls on sophisticated Adtile-designed algorithms to reliably infer the precise movements of the user based on sensor data.

You are able to capture three-dimensional motion with a high degree of accuracy. The creative space is virtually limitless. Air Pencil lets you do the things simply weren’t possible before.

Core Technologies

Adtile provides novel and new orientation and motion processing libraries that you can integrate with your own Web, Android and iOS projects. Using cutting-edge Adtile technologies you can harness the power of movement from your users - natively or in any browser - on any mobile device.

You can read more about the tools and libraries Adtile offers in our developer center. Create your most innovative apps ever.

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