When the user moves, the ad moves too

The Adtile Motion Technology can activate and track any adver­­tising sequence and order—to play, create and explore.

Adtile Motion Ad

Move your phone in any direction, with precision

Dive into realistic interactions. Twist. Steer. Dip. Tilt. Draw. Push. Pull. Shake. Walk. Run. Rotate. Pitch. Location aware. Connections. Views. Touch. Spacewalk. Motion Video. Audio. Mobile Wallet. And much more.

Adtile Motion Ad

Sensors, the ways you move

Our sensor classes provide you with consistent access to hardware sensors on multiple platforms. Digital GPS, motion coprocessor, three-axis accele­rometer, three-axis gyro, digital compass and proximity sensor.

Aditle Motion Technology

A radically new way to design and build motion and spatial computing experiences. Everything has been designed to give a complete freedom of motion in any direction, allowing for exploration and creation of new ideas. Using MotionStack you can harness the power of movement from your users - natively or in any browser - on any mobile device.

Aditle Motion Technology supports custom and standard formats for both iOS and Android devices. Motion Ads are presented in WebViews and built using the standard web technologies. What would you build with industry-leading science and technology?

Ad formats

We support major ad formats: Interstitial, MREC or Motion Ad Overlay. Choose the mix that works best for your users or create a custom experience.

Supported formats for Adtile Motion Ads

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